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According to the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority's (NEPRA) 2021 yearly report, Pakistan's total installed power production capacity is 39772 MW, with thermal (fossil fuels) accounting for 63% of energy, hydro accounting for 25%, renewable (wind, solar, and biomass accounting for 5.4%), and nuclear accounting for 6.5%. Renewable energy (RE) resources have the potential to help close the shortfall in the current scenario. With the current government's emphasis on renewable energy, the Ministry of Energy has amended the existing Renewable Energy (RE) Policy 2019. According to the updated RE strategy, the government of Pakistan plans to obtain 60% of its energy from renewable sources, including hydro, by 2030, reducing Pakistan's reliance on imported petroleum products.

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Energy is central to the climate crisis – and crucial to its resolution. A major portion of the greenhouse gases that wrap the Earth and trap the sun's heat are produced by energy production, namely the combustion of fossil fuels to generate electricity and heat. Coal, oil, and gas are by far the most significant contributors to global climate change, accounting for more than 75% of world greenhouse gas emissions and almost 90% of total carbon dioxide emissions.

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About Solar Energy

Average daily sunshine in Pakistan is nine and a half hours. After the government implemented a set of support policies to encourage the growth of renewable energy,

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About Wind Energy

Wind energy has significant potential in Pakistan's coastal belts of Sindh and Baluchistan (in southern Pakistan). The Pakistani government has created a wind

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About Hydro Energy

With a revamped RE Policy, there is potential for the growth of small-mini-micro hydro power in addition to large hydro. GOP sees modest hydropower projects as a

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Pakistan Sustainability Week (PSW) is dedicated to accelerating global sustainable development in Pakistan and beyond. Pakistan's geography is marked by vast open spaces, making it a prime location for hydro power and wind energy projects. Wind turbines dotting the horizon have become a symbol of progress and sustainability in our country. In addition to hydro and wind power, Pakistan Sustainability Week will showcase various other renewable energy sources contributing to the country's sustainable future. Explore solar energy initiatives, bioenergy projects, and innovative energy storage solutions.


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